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Garrio Harrison

A Letter from Our Founder

If you are like most marketing leaders, you understand that the purpose of marketing is to create demand for your products and services. However, this is only one piece of your business and increasingly, the most complex and time-consuming to manage and measure.

I experienced this same challenge and solved it by changing how the sales and marketing teams collaborated, how results were measured, and how dollars were allocated to the marketing budget. The big insight was that people do business with people. Therefore, marketing’s goal should be to create opportunities for conversations with prospects that want to listen.

I founded Forage to help marketing leaders and leadership teams maximize their investment. When you work with my team, you can expect two things. First, your marketing budget and activity will be aligned with the operational realities of your business. Second, you will connect with potential consumers and iterate your marketing activity weekly.

Let’s discuss how Forage can help you identify and nurture the right leads.