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Our Products

We offer three different product offerings. Each product can be implemented on its own, but we find that companies see the best results when all three are working together.

Our Process


We help gather all of the ideas you have for your business and get them out of your head so we can develop a plan to accomplish your goals.


We help you determine the right tasks that will help you reach your goals sooner rather than later.


We track and measure everything from idea to execution so that we know what is working and what isn't.


We help you make adjustments to improve and accelerate the high-impact activities and fix anything that isn't working.

Product #1

Cash-Flow Based Quarterly Plan

Know What To Do

The Problem We Solve

One of the biggest challenges for marketing is deciding what to do. What tactics make sense for your company? How much should you (or can afford to) spend? What kind of return can you expect? Who should be doing what?

How We Do It

A good plan is one that can be tested, measured, and can scale over time. We help you establish a marketing plan that works by:

  • Audit the performance of your current marketing activity as it relates to your business goals
  • Identifying your ideal customer, and how to target them
  • Visualizing each stage of your sales pipeline
  • Determining where the sticking points are
  • Improving existing marketing processes to be more efficient
  • Introducing new sales and marketing activities to address gaps in your sales funnel.
  • Meeting with your team quarterly to assess and adjust your plan

What You Can Expect

Each member of your team will know what they are responsible for and see how they fit into the bigger marketing plan picture. You will be able to evaluate what is working and what isn't so you can optimize your process and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Product #2

Outcome Focused Methodology

Know The Right Things Will Get Done

The Problem We Solve

A good plan is only as good as it’s execution. Most marketers just give you a long list of “to do’s”, but a lot of companies struggle to get those things done.

How We Do It

Through weekly working sessions, we help you set up the technology and processes needed to:

  • Manage projects effectively
  • Track progress towards your business goals
  • Monitoring performance
  • Adjust activities to reach goals and expected outcomes

What You Can Expect

When everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction you start to see real results in your marketing. We help make sure things actually get done.

Product #3

Modern Executive Sales Engagement Training

Expand Your Reach and Influence

The Problem We Solve

Most companies are doing social media wrong. They get vanity metrics (or no metrics), but not sales. The team members with the best network, and most authority on social media (executives), aren’t setup to maximize their reach. Passion (what you care about), proficient (writing, commenting, video, photography, podcasting, etc.), profit (what makes money).

How We Do It

Here is how we help you extend your reach:

  • Put together a plan to position you as your customer's guide.
  • Help you use social platforms to support your business objectives.
  • Use technology to better manage your social network at scale.
  • Amplify your industry authority by aligning your online activity with business goals.
  • Help you understand which online activities are the best use of your limited time
  • Leverage the tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to give you the insights needed to move people through your sales process
  • Help you execute the plan through weekly working sessions

What You Can Expect

When your executives are strategically engaged through social media your business can start to grow exponentially by moving people through your sales process using your social media networks.